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The FreezeX DeFrost Kit avoids and/or solves a frosted charging cable. The DeFrost kit contains a 15g Frost-Shield powder to prevent frost in and arround the plug, and a 50ml concentrated De-Icer to solve a frosted the plug from the outside.
Drive safely and use the De-icer as well to defrost the head- and rear lights.

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    Q&A about Frost Shield:

    How many days does 1 Frost Shield spray last?
    Frost Shield of 15 grams is good for 100 doses. Depending on the weather conditions, Frost Shield can be used for 25 to 50 days.
    How does Frost Shield work?
    Frost Shield is a patented powder spray that avoids frost in a car plug. The conductive powder creates a hydrophobic  layer in order to avoid frost between the plug (s) and socket (s) while it is still able to conduct electricity.
    When should I use Frost Shield?
    Use Frost Shield regularly during winter conditions to maintain the anti-frost layer.
    How often and how much Frost Shield should I use?
    Make sure that sufficient Frost Shield is applied to form a protecting layer on all contact points. It is not possible to overdose the plugs.
    Can FreezeX Frost Shield damage my car or plugs?
    Frost Shield has no adverse effects on your car and plugs. Frost Shield is not an aggressive product and also follows the DEKRA guidelines. Frost Shield is safe to use at all times.

    Tip: the plug is locked during charging. This lock freezes easily. Use enough Frost Shield in the lock system. Use Frost Shield also on the locking of the closing cover of your plug. During a car ride, the closing cover of your car can freeze up due to moisture. This makes it impossible to charge your car during transit. The cover is then frozen so that you can not reach the plug.

    Question and answer FreezeX De-icer

    How many days does 1 De-icer last?
    The De-icer contains 50ml of liquid and the spray divided 0.05ml each time. This allows the De-icer to be used 100 times.
    How does FreezeX De-icer work?
    The De-icer contains a highly concentrated agent that thaws freeze. Depending on the amount of snow or ice, the De-icer will solve a freezing within a few seconds.
    When should I use FreezeX De-icer?
    The De-icer may only be used on the outside of the plug with the aim of defrosting the ice around the plug.
    How often and how much should I use the De-icer?
    Use De-icer only if the plug is attached to the outside due to ice formation. Depending on the amount of ice, the advice is to use enough De-icer. In this way, all the stuck ice will come loose and will avoid damage to the plug.
    Can FreezeX De-icer damage my car or plugs?
    The De-icer is a DEKRA-certified formulation which means that it can be trusted that FreezeX De-icer does not have any adverse effects on car materials.

    Tip: De-ice the front-, rear- and brake lights with the powerful FreezeX de-icer. Electric Vehicles are often equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting that hardly emits heat. In contrast with conventional lighting, frost on the lamps will remain and can lead to dangerous traffic situations.

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