FreezeX is the anti frost solution for car charging plugs. The smallest amount of moisture in a plug that freezes will lead that you are stuck with the plug and cannot drive at all.

FreezeX makes your electric vehicle winter proof.

FreezeX, sub-zero E-mobility.

You are not the only one, 

that want to

The best winter tips for EV's.

  1. Preheat the car while it is connected to the charging station. In this way you use the battery strictly to drive instead of heating too. By pre-heating you can also defrost a frozen plug.
  1. Prevent a frozen charge port or plug. Apply both plugs and locking system with FreezeX Frost Shield. This patented conductive powder creates an anti frost layer in the plugs.
  1. De-ice the front and rear lights with the powerful FreezeX de-icer. Electric Vehicles are often equipped with LED lights that hardly emits heat. In contrast with conventional lighting, frost on the lamps will remain and can lead to dangerous traffic situations.

Extra tip: Do not forget to de-ice the 3rd brake light and drive safely.

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FreezeX is specialised in anti-freeze products for Electric Vehicles. The FreezeX De-Frost kit is a patented set of 2 products to prevent or solve a frozen charging plug.

All our products are made and designed in The Netherlands. 



TESLA model 3 fix for frozen charge port.

Model 3 Update 2018.50 Issues Fix For Frozen Charge Port